Music and Creative Content Consultant



Who am I?


Who am I?


In a nutshell - I love music and I love creating things.

Specifically digital things like content, strategies and campaigns that connect artists and music brands with their audiences, and build and maintain authentic relationships.

Since starting my first music blog in 2010, I’ve had tons of experience in finding novel ways to cut through the noise and communicate effectively with audiences online.

Experimenting with content formats and digital tools to globally amplify the reach of new music talent and emerging sounds through storytelling.

For the past 6 years I’ve been uniquely placed between music and creative at BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and BBC Music.

Championing new music and emerging talent on the 1Xtra Playlist Committee, programming radio output on the 1Xtra Music Team and leading on digital and social media campaigns that have resulted in the growth and engagement of the stations combined 9M+ online following.

I have a deep and nuanced understanding of youth audiences, diverse music scenes and connected culture.

This, combined with a pretty good idea of what makes the internet tick, guides my approach to creating and delivering distinctive and impactful output that resonates with the target audience.


What do I do?

Via my company Forward Slash and alongside my team of talented digital natives…




Digital campaigns

Social media management

Creative content production 

Music programming and editorial

New music and artist discovery

I'm also...

a DJ

a Photographer

the Founder of So Future - a new music and visual arts platform

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